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The Ice Castle: An Adventure in Music

Ice CastleBy Pendred Noyce

Scarletta Press
Ages 10-14

What if you had a doorway that occasionally led to a fantasy world? What if you’d had one adventure there, and longed for another? What if your somewhat snotty musical cousin, Lila, stumbled into that other world and you had to mount a rescue mission? That’s the situation Cousins Daphne and Ivan find themselves in as they visit Lexicon for the second time. Now they’re in a region captured by winter. Here music is valued beyond gold, and society is divided. Those who can sing are elevated, while those who can’t are not only servants, but are denied music. Lila is a musical prodigy, but Daphne is lucky to act as her deaf and dumb maid, and Ivan ends up in the mines. Each has a part to play in a coming revolution. There are puzzles to solve, traitors to catch, and friendships to forge. This is a well-written, thoughtful fantasy book that addresses issues of equality while providing interesting musical insights. Besides, it’s a great adventure!

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