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The Art of the Illusion: Deceptions to Challenge the Eye and the Mind

The Art of IllusionBy Brad Honeycutt & Terry Stickels

Ages all

WOW! Do you like optical illusions? Are you fascinated by impossible artwork and tricky visual effects? Then this is the book for you! After a foreword and introduction that give information about the many types of illusions that are out there, you can dive into the gallery that dedicates a full page to each photograph or illustration. The 200 illusions are shown against glossy paper which really makes them “pop.” There are examples here of negative space, pictures hidden inside of other pictures, impossible objects, psychedelic patterns that seem to move, 3D objects that magically appear, pictures and words that change when held upside-down, and anything designed to trick the eye. Both modern and older illusions are included—everything from Escher to Gonsalves. This is truly an exceptional and extensive collection that will have you looking, and then looking again. You’ll want to go on the Internet to see what else the artists have created. You’ll want to share this book with family and friends, but you won’t want to let go of it. It’s truly amazing.

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