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Blood Brothers in Louisbourg

Blood BrothersBy Philip Roy

Cape Breton University Press
Ages 14-18

It is 1744. The French have a fort in Louisbourg in the new world. The English also have a claim to the area, as does the Mi-kmaw tribe. This fort becomes the focal point of a collision of both cultures and beliefs. Jacques is a young Frenchman who is forced to follow his officer father to the new world. A musician and intellectual, he is coerced into military service by a father who doesn’t understand him. Two-Feathers is a young Mi-kmaw man who is drawn to the fort by a desire to meet his French father. Each has an opinion about the uselessness and unnecessary cost of war, and each strives to be true to the beliefs he holds dear. Then there is the beautiful young woman at the fort that both are attracted to. War is coming. It won’t be pretty. Lives will be lost. Lives will be saved. Will the two ever meet long enough to discover how closely they are connected? This is exceptional historical fiction. The writing is intricate and beautifully-crafted. The author delves deeply into the time period, making it come to life for readers. The characters are well-developed, and the book can be understood on many levels. It leaves the reader with much to think about.

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