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Author Heroes

Author Heroes
When an author sends us one or more autographed books, they earn a place on our heroes list. We use some of these books as prizes for writing contest winners, and we give the rest to reading buddy programs across North America.
For info on sending us books, click here.
Karen Autio
Becky Citra
Chris Crutcher
Lee Edward Fodi
Frances Hern
Vi Hughes
Nancy Hundal
Heather Kellerhals Stewart
Rebecca Kool
Tanya Kyi
Laura Langston
Duane Lawrence
Julie Lawson
Shar Levine
Deb Loughead
James McCann
Kate Messner
Susin Neilsen
Sylvia Olsen
Jacqueline Pearce
Kathryn Shoemaker
Nikki Tate
Irene N. Watts
Pam Withers
Beryl Young
Sean Austin


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